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Two More Women Die After Being Administered Gardasil

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Two young women who received the cervical cancer vaccine, marketed as Gardasil, died days after being administered the vaccine. These deaths are causing some in the U.K. to question next years plan to have thousands of school aged girls receive the vaccine. The two women who died were given the vaccine in Germany and Austria and their names have not been released.

The two deaths follow the deaths of three U.S. females, ages 12, 19 and 22, who were reported to have died days after receiving Gardasil, which protects against the human papillomavirus — believed to be the leading cause of cervical cancer — was administered. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration recently reported that 28 women miscarried after receiving the vaccine.

No health officials in the U.S. or Europe have been able to directly link the deaths or miscarriages to the Gardasil vaccine. The FDA has said that there is no reason to reevaluate the vaccine. Merck, the maker of the drug, has said that it does not have plans to change its recommendation on the use of Gardasil.

Clinical trials completed by the FDA show that the vaccine’s miscarriage rate is not significantly different than that of women in the general population who were given placebos.

So far there have been 3,461 adverse reactions, including eight deaths, reported since the vaccine was approved for use in girls as young as 9 in June 2006.

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