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Man Slips-and-Falls at Burker King

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After a slip and fall accident in the men’s room of Burger King, the man has filed a lawsuit.

On September 11, 2005, the men went to the restroom and crossed the room to get to the sink when he slipped and fell on the floor. He reached with his arms to try and brace himself but he lost his balance and struck the wall with his shoulder.

He suffered a shoulder injury and lower back pain along with injuries to his body in general.

“The floor tile is smooth, and is without a non-slip surface,” the suit states. “The area had no ‘Caution Wet Floor’ markers displayed at the time of the accident.”

The lawsuit, filed in January, contends the restaurant neglected the safety of the public because the floor did not have a non-slip surface.

The suit seeks coverage of his medical bills that total $12,000 or more and future medical costs, compensatory and punitive damages.